Without members there would be no reason to get together so we encourage you to join us at our meetings and ask you to tell your friends who fish Lake roosevelt and the surrounding area to come along. Basically,there is no better place for them to get the kind of information on walleye fishing Lake Roosevelt and regional fishing spots that has taken many of our members years to gather.

In the past, most members come to join the club due to their love for the sport of fishing. Others have joined as a result of word of mouth.
Whatever the reason the club welcomes membership

Club membership fees are $30.00 annually.
They are not individual memberships, they are family memberships.

To download membership form ... CLICK HERE

Members Meetings

The Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club holds meetings monthly
2nd Thursday of each month
at the Kettle Falls Gun Club
South Hwy 25 from Kettle Falls, WA

Each meeting has planned activities; seminars, speakers, demonstrations and door prizes.

One does not have to own a boat or even fish to become a member.

Anyone who is interested in fishing or wanting to learn is encouraged to join.

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