Washington State Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament - Entry and Rules

2017 Governor's Cup Tournament Application ... Click to Download Printable Application (Pdf File)

2017 TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR - Clyde Renman Ph: (509) 732-6679 ... Digital Copy of Rules

ELIGIBILITY -Any applicant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult partner.  Tournament Directors  will make any and all determinations of eligibility.

REGISTRATION -The entry fee is $300.00 per team. NO MORE THAN 125 TEAMS MAY FISH THE TOURNAMENT. Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Cancellations will be filled from a first come first serve standby list. Entries close  at 5:00 PM on Friday June 23, 2017

RELEASE OF LIABILITY -By signing the tournament  entry form, all participants agree to the following Release of Liability:  "We in consideration of being permitted to participate in the  Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament do for ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby release and forever discharge the Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament, The  Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament    Committee, Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club, the tournament directors and any and all sponsoring companies , entities and individuals, their heirs, successors, administrators and assigns, for any and every claim, demand , action or right of action, of whatever kind or nature,   neither in law or in equity, arising from or by any bodily injury or personal injuries, known or unknown, death or property damage resulting or to result from any accident which may occur as a result of our partic ipation in  the Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament activities or any activities in connection with the Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament,  whether by negligence or otherwise.  We further release all officials, staff, participating sponsor companies, and agencies from any claim whatsoever on account of first aid, treatment or service rendered me: during my participation in  this Tournament.  I   understand that photographs, film or videotapes may be taken of me while participating in this tournament, by tournament administrators, sponsors or media. I further agree that tournament administrators., sponsors and news media without royalties or prior consent may use photographs, film or videotapes taken for commercial purposes This release contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and the terms  of this release are contractual and not a mere recital.

PRE-FISHING -Water is closed to all pre-registered persons and potential contestants at 4:00 PM Friday before the official tournament begins. Persons who are on the water for any reason after this time will not be eligible to be a contestant in this tournament.

REGULATIONS -Each entrant must possess a valid Washington Fishing License.  Contestants will be responsible for knowing the WGCWT rules as well as state and local rules and regulations which pertain to the tournament waters.  Specific local rules will be highlighted at the mandatory rules meeting. U.S. Coast Guard and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and National Park Service rules and regulations will be observed unless more stringent regulations are specified by the tournament director.

TEAMS -Contestants must enter as two-person teams.  Any change of team members must be approved by tournament officials and a new application must be signed.  Only two team members may occupy the boat during the tournament.

FISHING AREA -Fishing will be allowed only within the boundaries of the tournament. Boundaries will be from Gifford Ferry   to the Onion Creek and the Napoleon Bridge on the Kettle River. Contestants may not leave their  boat  at  any time (except in the case of an emergency, contestant(s) may leave their boat to enter another contestant's boat or rescue craft; or by specific permission of tournament officials or in the event of weather conditions that pose a threat to personal safety) nor  may they operate their boat outside  the designated tournament area during tournament hours. Fishing is not allowed within the Marina or within 100' of any net pen.

TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS -Tournament headquarters will be at Happy Dell Park in Kettle Falls, WA

TOURNAMENT HOURS –Start Time for the first flight will be 6:00 AM on June 24 and 6:00 AM on June 25.. Subsequent flights will start approximately 5 minutes after the preceding flight.  First flight will check-in at 3:00 PM on Saturday with subsequent flights at 30 minute intervals.  On Sunday first flight check-in will be at 2:00 PM with subsequent flights at 30 minute intervals.  Contestants who leave earlier than their assigned flight time will be disqualified for that day. Once checked in, all contestants are prohibited from fishing or further practice except during designated fishing hours. Boats may not be used for fishing until the tournament hours   the following day. The tournament officials reserve the right to postpone or cancel daily competition if, in the opinion of the officials, weather Conditions exist that pose a threat to the safety of teams and patrol personnel.

INSPECTIONS -All boats will receive an inspection each day prior to launching. All boats will launch at the Kettle Falls Marina boat ramp. No boat may have walleye on board prior to the start of   the tournament.  All boats in the tournament must display identifying markings as required by WDF&W Tournament Rules and tournament officials. This is a Contestant Banner. Boats, tackle and equipment may be inspected at any time before, during or after the tournament.  All boats must meet or exceed State and Federal safety requirements.

TACKLE -Artificial and live bait as allowed by the Washington State Fish and Game Laws.  Spare rods and equipment may be carried in the boat

BOAT OPERATIONS -Each contestant must observe safe boat conduct, no wake zones and the utmost boating courtesy at all times. Each contestant is required to wear a CG approved PFD when the: primary motor is in operation (except for when trolling). All teams must depart from the Kettle Falls Marina under the direction of tournament officials.  The order of departure will be announced at the drivers meeting. Team boats may not come within 50 feet of other team boats when fishing (except for official patrol boats). CB's Cell Phones and Marine Radios may be used for emergency transmissions only..

FISHING -Teams will not be allowed more than SIX (6) fish in the boat at any time.   A TOTAL OF SIX  MAY BE WEIGHED EACH DAY.  The release of fish which float to the surface is not allowed and may result in disqualification.

While fishing in  a tournament only target fish may be kept (such as in a walleye tournament only walleye may  be in a contestant 's boat).

SCORING -Each team may weigh up to 6 walleye. If any fish shows signs of poor handling these fish WILL N OT BE COUNTED. The weigh master will make all determinations as to the condition of each fish, as well as length and weight. Final measurement is determined on a flat board with the mouth closed and tail in a relaxed position. Each dead fish wil1 be penalized 8 oz More than two dead fish will result in  disqualification for that day. Final weight is determined after any penalties have been accessed. A DEAD FISH IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR "BIG FISH AWARD". The weigh master’s decision is final

CHECKING IN AND LATE PENALTY -All boats must check in each day at the tournament check point (on the water near the boat launch at Kettle Falls Marina) and proceed to the weigh-in dock whether the team has fish or not. The team number and arrival time will be recorded upon arrival at the check point. Late arrivals will be penalized 10% of that day's catch weight and will be eliminated from any big fish prizes. Boats over 15 minutes late will be completely disqualified for that day. In the event of a back log of boats at the check·in station, boats that have arrived prior to the deadline will not be penalized.

ALCOHOL -No alcoholic beverages are allowed ‘in contestants  boats during tournament hours. Any contestant visibly intoxicated will not be allowed to fish that day. Violation of   this rule will result in disqualification.

SPIRIT OF THE RULE -It is the intention of this tournament to promote good sportsmanship and fair play. Unsportsmanlike Conduct and cheating will result in disqualification. Interpretation of the rules shall be left exclusively to the  tournament officials and all decisions will be final.

TRAILER PARKING: Designated parking is at Locust Grove in the flagged area; same as last year.  To save parking spaces in the regular parking area for the public fisherman,   tournament participants must park in the designated area and use the provided shuttle, unless you have made prior arrangements with the Tournament Director.

PROTESTS POLICY - Only contestants and tournament   officials   have   the right to contest the actions of another team or contestant. Protests by contestants must be filed in writing   with the Tournament Director(s), in person, no later than (1/2) hour after the close of the fishing   that day.  A $100.00 protest fee must accompany any protest offered by the contestant.   A three person committee appointed by the tournament   officials will convene to investigate and make a decision   regarding   the protest.   The Protest Conunitt.ee and their agents are authorized   to utilize polygraph   examinations and any other investigative techniques in order to determine the validity of the protest or the charge against any contestant. The decision of the Protest Committee shall   be a majority vote and shall be final in   all cases. Contestants   waive any right or opportunity to appeal the decision of the Protest Committee to a higher authority, including   any court of jurisdiction in this  or any other state.  If the protest is found invalid, the fee will not be returned.  Any   person found violating   the rules may be immediately disqualified and the reason for said disqualification announced at the Tournament Headquarters area.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY -Entry fee refunds will be made only if the team gives written notification of   withdrawal. A service charge of  $100.00 will be assessed against refunds made due to withdrawal from the tournament ($200.00 will be returned)

DRIVERS MEETING -A drivers meeting will be held at Happy Dell Park, Tournament Headquarters at 5:30 PM on Friday June 23. At least one contestant from each team must attend this meeting

CASH WINNERS -All cash winners must provide their SSN prior to receiving their check.

CHANGE OF RULES -Tournament Director(s) reserve the right to change or modify these rules at any time up to and including the Drivers Meeting.


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Please Read Rules for Tournament Info. & Changes

Please read rules for tournament info. & changes

    2. Drivers meeting will be held at 5:30 PM, Friday, June 23th at HAPPY DELL PARK, Tournament Headquarters.  
    3. Contestants may not park .in parking lot adjacent to launch ramp.
    4. Shuttle service will be provided between marina and remote parking area.  Vehicles will be clearly marked.
    5. GOVERNOR 'S CUP TROPHY TEAMS; A resident of any state may request to represent their state. (One member of the team must be a resident of that state). For more information contact the Tournament Director(s).
Tournament will pay ten places for heaviest two day total weights minus penalties

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